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Vibrating screen

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Introduction:Henan HuaYi Machine Manufacturing Co., LTD has exquisite technology,the main productions include aerated concrete equipment, aerated concrete block equipment,light-weight brick equipment,new type building materials equipment,steamed lime-sand brick equipment, aerated brick equipment,dressing equipment, lime-sand brick equipment,sand making equipment,dinas production lineequipment,drying machinery and other serial equipment.

Vibrating screen

The linear vibrating screen(vibrating screen)produced by our company is high-effective and new-style screening equipment,it is widely used in the industies such as mine,coal,smelting,build materials,fireproofing,light industry and chemical industry. Linear vibrating screen(for short vibrating screen) has the advantages of stable and reliable,low consumption,little noise,long working life,stable vibration and high-effective screening.

Working principles of vibrating screen:

The linear vibrating screen(vibrating screen)working principles:when ZSG series of vibrating screen is working, two motor synchronous reverse placed so that a vibrator produce reverse excitation force, forcing the sieve body drive sieve make the longitudinal motion,make the material on it cast a range periodicly under the effect of excitation force, thus completing material screening .

Applications of vibrating screen:

Vibrating screen is used to classify the productions in the industies of mine,building materials,transportation,energy and chemical industry,is the ideal equipment in the crushing bolting mill group.

Standard and technical date

Model Laiers Mech size(mm) Feeding size(mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Weight (kg)
2YK1235 2 5-120 ≤400 60-210 5.5 3600
2YK1545 3 5-150 ≤400 110-385 15 6800
2YK1854 2 5-200 ≤400 200-450 18.5 8600
2YK1860 3 5-200 ≤400 250-600 22 9200
2YK2060 3 6-200 ≤400 300-750 37 12800
2YK2460 3 6-200 ≤400 400-850 45 14100
On an article:Sand washer

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