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Introduction:Henan HuaYi Machine Manufacturing Co., LTD has exquisite technology,the main productions include aerated concrete equipment, aerated concrete block equipment,light-weight brick equipment,new type building materials equipment,steamed lime-sand brick equipment, aerated brick equipment,dressing equipment, lime-sand brick equipment,sand making equipment,dinas production lineequipment,drying machinery and other serial equipment.

Applications:The machine is a equipment used for mechanical classification based on the principle that with the proportion of solid particles different, , the speed of the settlement in the liquid is different.The machine combined with grinding machine to form a closed-circuit circulation, used for the extension and check in advance of grinding machine, and for the particle desliming dehydration in ore washing , etc.


Main technical date 

Model Sprial speed(r/min) Capacity(t/d) Gradient(℃) Motive power
Return sand Overflow Model Power(kw)
FLG-300 8.3-22 30-80 10-30 12 Y90L-6 1.1
FLG-500 8-15.5 140-261 32 14-18 Y90L-6 1.1
FLG-750 4.5-10 256-564 65 14-18 Y132S-6 3
FLG-1000 1.6-7.4 473-1026 85 14-18 Y132M-6 5.5
FLG-1200 5-7 1170-1600 155 12 Y160M-6 7.5
FLG-1500 2.5-6 1340-2740 235 16 Y120M-6 7.5
FLG-2000 4 3890-5940 400 17 Y160L-4 15
On an article:Magnetic separator

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