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Magnetic separator

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Introduction:Henan HuaYi Machine Manufacturing Co., LTD has exquisite technology,the main productions include aerated concrete equipment, aerated concrete block equipment,light-weight brick equipment,new type building materials equipment,steamed lime-sand brick equipment, aerated brick equipment,dressing equipment, lime-sand brick equipment,sand making equipment,dinas production lineequipment,drying machinery and other serial equipment.

Applications: Magnetic separator is mainly used for mineral separation, separate materials in the magnetic field of magnetic plant ,because magnetic force and mechanical force have different effect to the materials.

Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator

Model Power(kw) Barrel revolving  speed (r/min) Capacity (r/min) Barrel size (D×L)
CTB400×400 - 47 2-3 400×400
CTB400×600 - 47 4-6 400×600
CTB600×900 - 40 6-8 600×900
CTB600×1200 - 40 10-25 600×1200
CTB600×1800 - 40 15-30 600×1800
CTB750×1200 3.0 35 30-50 750×1200
CTB750×1800 3.0 35 35-60 750×1800
CTB900×1800 4 35 40-80 900×1800
CTB1050×1800 5.5 35 47-90 1050×1800
CTB1050×2400 5.5 35 52-100 1050×2400
CTB1200×1800 5.5 31 55-1200 1200×1800
CTB1200×2400 7.5 31 60-135 1200×2400

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